Revive and Hydrate…

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Keep your trainers looking great…

With ODO Repel Trainer Protector Spray you can protect your trainers from dust, dirt, and even rain—keeping them at their best for longer!

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Breathe new life into tired kit

ODO looks after all of your performance sports kit - from your clothing, to your trainers, to your boots. 

Why Use ODO?


Sports Kit Wash

Revive is a high-performance wash-in cleaner designed to keep your synthetic sportswear clean, odour-free, and functioning properly.

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An average adult loses about half a litre of water every day through sweating!


Trainer cleaner

Revamp is a uniquely designed trainer cleaner that’s designed to clean both the inside and the outside of all your sports footwear. 

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Sports Wax

Restore is a high-performance shoe/boot wax designed to keep your leather boots soft, supple, and water-resistant – while also keeping them from drying out and cracking. 

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Trainer Protector

Repel is an aerosol waterproofing product that’ll help protect your trainers from water and dirt – keeping them drier, lighter, and cleaner for longer. 

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The number of sweat glands a person has varies between 2 and 4 million!


Odour Eliminator

Refresh is an odour destroyer designed to trap and remove odours from all of the sports kit you can’t put in the washing machine.

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