Why use ODO?

If you’re passionate about sports, chances are you’ve invested in some performance sports kit. It might be something breathable that wicks away sweat and moisture whenever you’re working out, or a pair of technical running shoes. Whatever your passion, though, whenever you hit the gym, the road, or the pitch, your sports kit gets as much of a workout as you do – leading to impaired performance.

Of course, repeated wear and washing takes its toll on your kit’s performance too – and regular household detergents don’t help. Most standard soap powders and detergents leave perfumes and other residues on your kit, which in turn interfere with the performance features of your kit. These same residues also do a great job of masking odours, rather than removing them – leaving behind what we like to call KO, or Kit Odour. Technical sports kit can sometimes smell even after washing, and the more often you wear it, the worse the smell gets.

It isn’t you – it’s the kit, and the way you’ve been washing it. In addition to leaving behind the residues we mentioned above, standard household detergents just aren’t able to thoroughly clean the complex fibres of highly technical fabric – and certainly not at the low temperatures recommended by clothing manufacturers. It isn’t just the detergents though! The technical features you bought your kit for – its breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities, gel-cushioning comfort, or thermal attributes – all rely on complex fibre structures that constantly trap sweat and dirt within the fabric of your kit. With bacteria thriving on this trapped dirt, you’re left with a kit that isn’t clean – and the smell to prove it!

Luckily, ODO Sports is a range of aftercare products that we’ve formulated to address all of the problems above. In fact, the entire ODO range has been meticulously designed to meet the needs of all of your technical fabrics and footwear – ensuring that your kit keeps performing (and smelling) as well as it did when you first bought it.