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8 Signs of a 'Silent' Heart Attack That Are Easy to Overlook

Symptoms can be subtle, but that doesn't mean they're any less dangerous




Possible Complications after Cataract Surgery

Problems are very rare after the eye procedure, but know the signs of trouble

Recall Widens of Shrimp from Whole Foods, Kroger, Others

A list of the latest brands linked to salmonella outbreak

Delta and Beyond: What Variants Mean

You're unlikely to get sick if you got the COVID-19 vaccine, but burdens still linger

7 Sneaky Signs of a UTI You Should Watch For After 50

Urinary tract infections can set in later in life, and symptoms aren't always easily recognized

Regaining Physical Fitness After COVID-19

Three adults over 50 share what it took to regain strength and mobility after surviving the coronavirus

Frozen Chicken Recalled Over Salmonella Risk

Three brands of raw breaded stuffed poultry dishes shipped nationwide are affected

Surprising Things Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

The condition of your nails can disclose a surprising number of maladies, both serious and benign

8 Signs of Dehydration You Shouldn't Ignore

Feeling thirsty? You may already be in the red zone. What to watch to avoid dizziness, falls and more

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Health Insurance

AARP Answers: ACA Insurance and the Coronavirus

The latest on special open enrollment periods, life-changing events and more

What You Need to Know About Medicare

The federal insurance program helps older Americans afford health care

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