Odour Eliminator

Refresh is an odour destroyer designed to trap and remove odours from all of the sports kit you can’t put in the washing machine.

Sports kit smells. Whether you’ve spent hours in the gym, miles on the road, or countless evenings out training, your sports kit has had to deal with litres and litres of sweat. And, because of the technical fibres that your kit is made from, it’s absorbed and trapped a good deal of that sweat too. After a while, all that trapped dirt and sweat starts smelling – giving your kit undeniable KO, or Kit Odour.

Washing your kit with the right detergent is the best way to deal with KO, but sometimes that’s not possible – you can’t put helmets, shoes, or gloves, or kit bags into the washing machine after all. That’s where Refresh comes in – it’s perfect for spraying just about any sports kit you can think of, and can even be used to quickly freshen up your gear between washes!

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How to Use: Spray the product on to the surface of your chosen item.  Allow the item to dry naturally before use.  When used in trainers, remove the insole before spraying - ideally, the insole should be sprayed separately.

H2 Refresh

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