Trainer Protector

Repel is an aerosol waterproofing product that’ll help protect your trainers from water and dirt – keeping them drier, lighter, and cleaner for longer. 

Whatever sports and activities you love, keeping your trainers looking and performing at their best can be a bit of a struggle. From dust and dirt, to grass stains and sweat, there’s a whole load of muck that can have a negative impact on the performance of your footwear, leaving them looking – and feeling – old before their time. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to commit to a lengthy cleaning process after every run, match, or event. Nor should you resort to throwing your dirty trainers into the washing machine – please, don’t do this! Instead, simply treat your shoes with ODO Repel before you head out! Due to the transparent, water-repellent barrier that ODO adds to the surface of your footwear, your shoes won’t pick up as much of the dirt or dust they’re likely to be tracked through. They’ll also stay drier too – great for those rainy autumn runs! The bottom line is less time spent cleaning your trainers, and improved performance whenever you wear them!

We recommend using ODO Repel on new trainers – so that they’ll stay looking newer for longer – but it is suitable for use on all kinds of fabrics and materials. 

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How to Use: Remove any loose dirt from the item before application. Shake the can well before use. Spray the product on to your article from a distance of around 10-15cm. A second application may be necessary, but make sure you allow at least an hour between applications. Allow the article to dry completely before use. Be aware that this product may darken some finishes; we'd recommend applying to an inconspicuous area of your article first to test its suitability.

H2 Repel

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