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Restore is a high-performance shoe/boot wax designed to keep your leather boots soft, supple, and water-resistant – while also keeping them from drying out and cracking. 

If you love playing football or rugby, you might be lucky enough to own a pair of leather boots. While there aren’t many of these on the market these days, some professionals vastly prefer the natural feel these boots offer when compared to synthetic or artificial fabrics. Unfortunately, despite the advantages these boots enjoy – such as a more natural feeling when kicking a ball – they require a little more care to keep them at their best.

Fortunately, ODO Restore Sports Wax is perfect for looking after all of your leather sports shoes – whether they’re football boots or your favourite golfing shoes. Not only will Restore Sports Wax prevent your shoes from drying out and cracking (impairing their performance and their looks!), it’ll also provide a strong water-repellent barrier around your shoes – keeping them lighter, and better able to breathe. Applying Restore Sports Wax to new boots will also keep them looking better for longer – ideal if your boots are an investment you want to enjoy for a while! 

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How to Use: Simply apply Restore - with a brush or a cloth - to a freshly-cleaned boot. Allow the wax a couple of minutes to soak into the leather before buffing the surface with a separate brush or cloth.

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